Confirmation gift

I am attending the confirmation (Methodist) of a friend of mine’s boys this weekend and I was wondering if anyone had advice for a gift…



3 Volume set of “The Faith of the Early Fathers” by Jurgens. If you think that might be received with distaste maybe some CS Lewis “Mere Christianity” this might go over better.

God Bless


The Handbook of Christian Apologetics by Kreeft & Tacelli (both Catholic) would be of great benefit for the lad and would most likely be acceptable to 99% of Methodist families.

A lovely little Catholic Charismatic booklet called, “YOU WILL RECEIVE POWER”.

It tells what Catholics should expect when they receive the Holy Spirit in the Sacrament of Confirmation.

I know, in the classes they are taught about the gifts Jews taught were the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

This little book will tell you the Gifts the Apostles taught the early Christian Church received. You might ask why we are teaching Old Testament Gifts instead of New Testament, Catholic gifts.

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