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Last Sunday I was confirmed into the Catholic church and received not only spiritual gifts of the sacrament, but physical gifts from friends as well. One of them was from priest who conducted my RCIA. In honor of my Irish heritage, I took Brigid as my patron saint and confirmation name. Knowing this, he gave me a large St. Brigid cross (about 6" and made of pewter) that has a ring on it. I see other large crosses like this are given as gifts at Confirmation. What I am unsure of is what to do with it? Is it jewelry? Wall art? Is there a tradition I'm unaware of that would explain this gift?

Thank you in advance for your responses. :)


Well first let me congratulate you on your confirmation! Second, seeing that it is six inches you would most likely hang it on a wall as opposed to wearing it. However there is nothing that says you can't wear it but it might be a bit large. I wear a crucifix that isn't over an inch and most wearable ones stay under 3 inches at most To the best of my knowledge there is nothing specific you are suppose to do with a St. Brigid cross that you wouldn't do with any other cross or crucifix.

God Bless,



Congratulations on your Confirmation! A cross of your patron Saint is certainly a great confirmation gift that you would always remember - on this special sacrament. This size is very suitable for hanging above your door (we have a cross above our bedroom door and main entrance). Perhaps it could also make a great addition to your alter if you have one.


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