Confirmation Mass- URGENT

Can someone very quickly explain at which points the Archbishop carries his crozier/ wears his mitre during a N.O confirmation mass. Need an urgent answer!!!

From my memory, he will carry his crosier and wear his mitre during the entrance. He will hand his crosier to an attendant, before he begins the Mass. He will remove his mitre, after the Homily. He will return the mitre after communion and will take back the crosier at the entrance procession.

He will usually be available for pictures, crosier and mitre, after Mass.


Usually during the Gospel, the bishop will be handed his crozier while it is proclaimed. Usually a deacon will proclaim the gospel, then bring the book of the gospels back to the bishop to kiss the book. Then the bishop will hand back the crozier to the emcee and give his homily. He also will use his crozier in the recessional as he carried it in the processional.

The bishop should also hold the croizer during the confirmation


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