Confirmation name-is this a stretch?


Okay, wanted to change my confirmation name, but the learned souls on here have advised me thats not possible. So here goes - when I was a kid I picked the name Raymond after someone I was related to (later found out this person hurt children, so yea, not the best choice there) - I’ve read about Raymond Nonnatus and Raymond Penafort and, God bless them, but I’ve just never really felt a strong connection w either.

BUT - I totally have a strong devotion to St. Maximilian Kolbe, whose baptismal name was Raymond.

Does that work?


While you cannot change your confirmation name, if it was used for that purpose, you may adopt any saint you wish to as a patron saint–indeed you can choose as many saints as you like. If St. Maximillian Kolbe helps you live out your baptismal vows, then by all means ask his intercession and emulate his life in your state in life. :slight_smile:


I did not know that about St. Maximilian Kolbe! But it makes sense that he’d have a different “name in religion” than his baptismal name, since he was in a religious order.

Yup, it sounds like you may have taken that Confirmation name for a reason you just didn’t know yet. :slight_smile:

He is a great patron saint for praying for you. He’s helped people I know.


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