Confirmation Name & Patron Saint


Hello everyone!

I’ve been looking over a few posts on confirmation names and patron saints, but I haven’t found a good answer to a question I have. I’m hoping that maybe someone could help me out.

I’m currently going through the RCIA program, it is still early on in it, but I’m already thinking ahead towards confirmation. I’ve gone through a few books that my instructor has given me, and when it comes to confirmation there is usually a little snippet about confirmation names.

Now, when discussing the sacrament of confirmation in our last meeting I brought this up with my instructor and she said that basically you’re confirmed by your given name, mine is Jason. I’m confused and I believe I confused her more.

Does this mean that I do not pick a confirmation name? If so, what exactly is it?

From what I’ve read on here it seems like the confirmation name is related to or is your patron saint is that correct?

I feel like I am being drawn towards two saints in particular. My plan is for my confirmation name to be one saint and have the other as my patron saint. I just want to make sure this is okay or if I need to rethink this. Thanks in advance.

~ Jason


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