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Hi all.
As it is (almost) sung, “in the name of the Father, the Spirit :slight_smile: and the Son I have one more stupid question”. :blush:

My Confirmation is at hand (late August). It’s not the significance of the Sacrament what I am curious about (I am aware of it), but some technical nuances.

How will the bishop address me during the Confirmation? For example, my baptismal name is J., I’m choosing St. T. as my confirmation saint. Should he call me J.T. or simply T.?

I realize that I may sound silly, yet please don’t make fun of me. :blush:

Thanks in advance!


You should ask someone in your parish as to the local custom. Confirmation names are a custom but are not required. Our Archbishop usually asks the confirmands to wear a name tag with their Confirmation name and that is how they are addressed during the Sacrament. I know another parish where it is a private custom but not used during the Confrimation Mass itself.


Uh, thanks, but no :frowning: If I could get an answer in the parish, I wouldn’t ask on the forums. Since I’m here, it obviously didn’t work. Unfortunately, they don’t know much. One thing I know for sure, there will be no name tags, it’s Russia.
And I surely want to choose Confirmation name as an act of devotion to the particular saint, so the question is still relevant.


It can vary. I helped teach the Confirmation class at our parish this year. The sponsors held up a card with the saint name that each candidate chose and that is how the bishop addressed the Confirmandi.


Thanks! :blessyou:
So, my baptismal name should not be mentioned at all?


In my area, the person organizing the Confirmants (maybe a teacher) gathers the Confirmation names for each Confirmant and sits them in that order, so that when the Bishop receives each one, he can address them by their Confirmed name.

I have also seen it done where the Confirmant is asked by the Bishop to state the chosen name and then he uses it as he Confirms the recipient.

Take heart. At some point you will find out what it is you will be doing and how.
Congratulations on your special day!


In my diocese, I’ve always heard the sacramental dialogue use the ‘Confirmation Name’. So, if you chose Saint Michael, the bishop would say: “Michael, be sealed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit.”


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