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I’m going to be confirmed (finally!) on January 3rd and I need to choose a confirmation name.

I’d like to choose a Marian name as a devotion to the Blessed Mother but “mary” seems to be chosen by everyone! Would it be strange to choose Regina?

Any other suggestions are welcome. I’m really looking for somethng that I feel connected to. I feel a strong devotion to the Blessed Mother, am a mother of 3 and am someone who found religion to be nonsense until the past year. I literally woke up one day and decided to join a parish and begin RCIA.

I’m having a hard time finding a saint that I relate to, as most of them seem to have always been religious, even from childhood. Until I was married, a led a morally loose life. Are there any saints like this that I could look up to?

Michelle :slight_smile:

Regina means queen, so that could probably serve. How about Guadalupe, Lourdes, Carmen, Socorro, Grace, Miriam, Angela.
All of these are associated with Our Lady in some way.:angel1:

I realize that you prefer to choose a Marian name because of your strong connection to the Blessed Mother. However I have other suggestions which you might like to consider, since you mentioned having trouble finding a saint who wasn’t always a saint in his/her life (in case you haven’t already).

What about St. Mary Magdalene, St. Paul or St. Mathew?

I think St. Mary Magdalne led her life astray until Jesus himself found her.

St. Paul wasn’t always a devout believing man. He was initially prosecuting Christians on behalf of the Roman Empire until he received a vision from the Lord, which changed his life for the better.

And then there was the apostle St. Mathew, who was an unscrupulous tax collector until Jesus suddenly showed up in his life and told him to follow him.

So as you can see, these individuals were not always devout and religious all their lives.

You could be really different and choose Panagiota–from “panagia–all holy”, one of the titles of the Theotokos in Greek.

My daughter chose Bernadette, the girl who saw the apparition of Mary at Lourdes.

Regina is certainly a fine choice and though the name is not as popular in this country as it once was among Catholics, it still is in some other places.

As for other saints, Augusta (for Augustine, who lived a wordly life until his conversion) comes to mind.

There are plenty of sinners turned saints, or even just folks living ordinary lives who turned saintly. There’s the guy who was a Satanist who became the world’s biggest advocate of Our Lady of the Rosary. There’s the guy who assassinated St Peter of Verona, repented, and became a monk. One of the English martyrs was a pirate before his conversion, and so was St. Gwynlliw Farfog (the Bearded), who married a saint and had many saintly children.

On the female side, there are lots of rich ladies with bad morals and poor prostitutes who became people with model lives. I’ve got no time to search them out now, but St. Mary of Egypt was one of the famous ones. And of course there are plenty of Old Testament ladies like this, such as St. Rahab.

Maybe we will have to ask the guy to mark the saints with big conversion stories! :slight_smile:

Loretta or Loretto, Delores, Madonna, Donna.

There is also Blessed Zellie Martin, who was the mother of St.Therese.

'Tis the season for Nicole, for St. Nicholas.

My mother chose Regina as her confirmation name, and my grandmother’s first name was Regina. I have always thought that it was a beautiful name and would definitely say to go for it :thumbsup: :slight_smile: .

i think i may just go with regina. it’s different, yet still gives me the Marian feel I’m looking for.

I also don’t have a strong mother figure in my life…my mother is in the picture, but generally emotionally unavailable. Even more reason to choose a "Mary name!: Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

Its the Latin word for queen.

My confirmation name is Virginia – in honor of both my Heavenly Mother and my earthly mother as well . . .

Sounds like you’ve already picked Regina? That would be a fine Confirmation name. Michelle Regina; nice ring to it. Michael the archangel who vanquished Satan, and Mary the Queen of Heaven. Nice combination. On the other hand if you’re still looking, you have some good suggestions already. I’m sure there’s more to come.

My name is Regina i feel i have been blessed with the greatest name ever yes the blessings thru mary are powerful. PLEASE SAY A PRAYER THAT MY DAUGHTER WILL TAKE Regina as her confirmation name. I WILL BE HEARTBROKEN IF SHE DOES NOT.

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