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This question may sound silly to some but I’m just curious to what some of you think. At baptism, we are called by our first and middle name while at Confirmation we have the option of using our middle name or choosing a new name after a saint. I read somewhere that when we choose a new name at Confirmation it’s like starting over with a new life. If we choose a new name though, are we called by that name in heaven by Jesus or is the name just added to our already existing name? Like I said before, I’m just curious to what some of your opinions . . .hope you understood my question too :). God Bless!

At confirmation we have the option of using our first name too.

This custom of a new name at Confirmation appears to be a regional tradition. I’d never even heard of this practice until I moved to this region and I’ve been confirmed, my siblings were, my 3 kids were (in three different areas) and never did the question of names ever come up.

I took a confirmation name when I was confirmed. I’ve never used it since.

I am not familiar with the concept of ‘starting over’ at Confirmation with a new name. Yes, at many parishes/dioceses we are often asked to take the name of a saint that is an inspiration or guide for us. But we see Confirmation as a continuation as opposed to a start. Confirmation is the third (previously the second) sacrament of initiation. Our names were ‘assigned’ to us at Baptism.

As far as Jesus calling on us in Heaven, I imagine Him calling us child or beloved. I was also taught once that in Heaven we know everything, so perhaps names will not be necessary.

I hope we don’t know ‘everything’ in heaven. It’s supposed to be a place of great happiness and knowing everything is not likely to make us happy.

Yes, yes, very true. Let me rephrase that. Everything that is good is made known to us.

Different places seems to have different traditions when it comes to this. In the Philippines in the past, one will not be baptized unless they have a name of a saint in their legal name. I know of this because my parents never intended my older sister to have a Maria in her name, but she ended up with a Maria to fulfill this request.

The first time I heard about baptismal names is on this forum and here in Canada, when we were preparing for my son’s baptismal. But I wanted names of saints anyway for my son so we didn’t need to include anything.

I am currently going through RCIA, and my priest had brought up Confirmation names. I found out that the Bl. Francis Xavier Seelos of New Orleans has his feast day on my birthday, and our parish has a relic of his. (We also have a couple others, but I can’t remember who…I plan on asking at RCIA on Sunday.) Anyway, Fr. Joe mentioned Xavier being a great Confirmation name. I was like,eh, since it IS a guy name. So, I did some research and found that my bday is the feast day of St. Faustina. But then I got to reading into what to look for in a Confirmation name and found to find a saint whom you wish to emulate. I finally found one! St. Clare of Montefalco…which is really funny since my pen name (which is what I use on here as my user name) is Claire.

Keep looking! I think it’s more of a personal choice.

It’s difinitely a personal choice…my middle name is a Saint’s name…Anne, my Mom was Catholic…but I went through RCIA and picked my own confirmation name after a long search…I kept coming back to St. Catherine of Siena…our Parish priest smiled when I told him…ah he said…the great mystic of the church and one of the 3 woman doctors…you picked well…


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