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First I wish to apologise if this is in the wrong thread.
My Priest and I have been talking about confirmation. I am hoping to be confirmed Easter. Now for the background. When I was about 14/15 years old, I didn’t like my birth name (as many don’t at that age), so I chose to call myself Lioba for a few months. Now… I thought I made that name up. I liked unusual names back then. Now I did like the name jojoba, but obviously I couldn’t call myself that! Hahaha everyone knows it’s an oil. So, I decided to have something kinda similar. Hence Lioba because it rhymed and I liked the sound of it.
Back to 2013 over 20 years later. I was looking on a site for saints names to choose and read up on for a confirmation name. And what did I see going down the list…yes…St Lioba!!! I couldn’t believe it! I thought that I had made that name up all those years ago.
Does anyone think this is a sign from God to choose that name as a confirmation name??

Thanks in advance for your replies :thumbsup:

God Bless:)

You shouldn’t choose a confirmation name because you think it is an interesting name. You should choose a saint that you like, a saint that fits your personality.

For example, I wish for my confirmation name to be Vincent Mary. St. Vincent de Paul fits my personality. He was a charitable saint who helped even filthy convicts. Plus, I have a special devotion to Mary. :slight_smile:

God bless you. :blessyou:

I agree. I have sent off fo a book about St Lioba to find out more about her. I have been unable to find much about her on the internet, so I thought a book would be best. I wouldn’t be choosing the name because I liked the sound of it. The point of the post was do you think this a sign :slight_smile:
I found it kinda WOW!!!

You would have to pray on that. I cannot tell you if it is a sign or not. :slight_smile:



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