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This thread is just for fun. What was your confirmation name and why did you choose it? Mine was Peter. I chose Peter because I felt that if I was going to confirm my belief in the Catholic Church then I should choose the name of the first defender of Catholic doctrine. Feel free to share your confirmation name in a reply post. :highprayer:


Mine was Mark. I mainly choose it because I thought it was a cool name and was the name of Catholic High School in my area the because of the Gospel of Mark. I figured I wouldn’t need to much research into the name.

Needless to say, I was not very devout back then, but I had Cafeteria Catholic parents. If I had to do it all over again, perhaps I would have chosen someone like St. Thomas Aquinas or if I was getting Confirmed today, perhaps St. John Paul the Great.


My confirmation name is Agnes. I chose her name because I admired her love for Jesus who she referred to as her Spouse and also as a model for myself due to my past. I saw her name as me being made new in Christ.


I chose Madeline in honor of St. Mary Magdalene. She never abandoned Jesus; she stayed with Him at the foot of the Cross. She was the first to see the Risen Lord.


Mine is Francis. I love Saint Francis of Assisi and his way of humility, poverty, and obedience to the Father in such imitation of Christ that he received the holy stigmata. Plus, he promoted care for all of God’s creation, down to the lowliest of animals. :thumbsup:


Jude…the saint of lost causes…basically where I was before meeting my wife…a lost cause



Already posted this in another thread, but I shall copy and paste here too!

My Patron Saint that I chose at Confirmation is St Oliver Plunkett, Archbishop of Armagh.

At the time, I chose it purely for family reasons. Both my Grandad and Uncle chose Oliver as their confirmation name, so I didn’t have any real information about him.

Years later when I started to take my faith seriously, I read up on him and I was so surprised to see that he is the Patron Saint of Peace and reconciliation in Ireland. Having family coming from Northern Ireland, this was always a massive presence in my life and something I took great interest in. However, being English, I always felt like a traitor to my country, or that I would never be accepted as a supporter for Irish Nationalism. But I am now reading a book on St Oliver’s life and I was so shocked to see that St Oliver was Anglo-Irish (Like myself) and had many friends in England. This instantly created an immense sense of joy and belonging. Added to that St Oliver was a champion for Catholics as a time when it was punishable by death (A fate that he was later to suffer as a Martyr), he did his best to educate people, he improved education in Ireland for the poor and he stood up against those in the Priesthood who were only there for their own gains both politically and career wise. He was an honest and virtuous man and I feel so blessed to have him as my Patron Saint. I now realise that even though I didn’t know a thing about him back then, that he chose me when I was little knowing that I would need his prayers and guidance later in my life.

I thank God for giving St Oliver to me and to the world.

St Oliver, Pray for me :gopray2::signofcross:


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