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When I am confirmed later this year (God willing!), do i have to pick a name (like from a Saint) or do you do that after Baptism? I thought I read somewhere about that…by the way, I have already been baptized if that helps with the question. God bless!:slight_smile:


You can keep the name you have now.


You’re not trading in names…you’re adding the name of a patron saint. Pick a saint that you have a special devotion to and rock on!.


Thanks for the clarification on that, I thought you added a name of a Saint. So, say I picked St. Joseph and my name is David. What my “name” be?


David. Joseph is an additional name. Most people don’t list their confirmation names like their baptismal/given names these days. It’s looked at more as an honoring of the saint rather than as the formal taking of an additional name.


When I was confirmed by auntie, my guardian at the time, took the form on which I was to write my confirmation name and wrote John. I wanted Christopher, but was confirmed John. Years later I graduated with a degree in writing and discovered St John is the patron saint of writers.

When my three boys were to be confirmed we read through the lives of various saints. Each boy found a saint who struck him in a particular way and that was the one he chose.

The point of these two stories is that you don’t really choose a saint, the saint chooses you. Read through some brief lives of the saints and see if any strike a deep note in you.


So, say I picked St. Joseph and my name is David. What my “name” be?

What would we call you? David.

But I have heard of people who, after Confirmation, if asked what their full name is, insert their patron saint after their middle name.

My first name is Robert, my middle name is Louis. My patron saint is Pascal Baylon, say my last name is Eastred. My “full name” then would be Robert Louis Pascal Baylon Eastred.

Of course, your name is your name. If you wanted people to start calling you “Joseph” tell people to start calling you Joseph.


I picked a name that I liked. Elisabeth. Yes, spelled with an S not Z. And not after St. Elizabeth. I just liked the sound of it. I now wish I had done some research and chose an actual saint I admire.


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