Confirmation Names Again


I understand that choosing a Confirmation name is optional and not intended to replace your legal name. I also understand you pick a saint to be a guide/patron to yourself. My question is what names can be chosen? Must it only be a saint’s name or can it be another type of religious name? Or can it be a different form of a saint’s name? For instance:

Dolores: in honor of Our Lady of Sorrows
Immaculata: in honor of the Immaculate Conception
Nativity: in honor of the Nativity of the Lord
Carolina: a derivative of the name Charles for Saint Charles

Thank you in advance.


You can choose any. It should be inspiring to a Christian. Examples of the ancient tradition of a second names of renewal, from the Bible, are:

Abram (high father) became Abraham (father of many)
Jacob (supplanter) became Israel (God strives)
Simon (he has heard) became Kephas * (stone), translated Peter
Saul (Asked for) was called Paul (humble)

  • (named by Jesus, see Matthew 16:17)


I would choose a Saint name and ask for his/her intercession in my vocation.


Excuse me, it is a Confirmation name, not a vocation name.


There is no universal rule about Confirmation names. Many places just don’t do them.

The only people who could really approve or deny anything would be your pastor (and, by some relation, your catechists), and the diocesan bishop (if he has any rules about it).

But I don’t see why not. I know a religious sister (Benedictine) who took the name Mary Emmanuel, out of devotion to our Lord. I know another who took the name Christine, also for our Lord.


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