Confirmation names/Dedication to Mary

Last post on the subect for me. Easter Vigil approaches!

I am thinking on either taking Augustine, Jude, or John Paul for my confirmation name. Should there be any difficulty in my taking John Paul, to honor our beloved John Paul II, who died the week I decided to become Catholic?

The rules often seem to bend in these instances. By taking the names “John” and “Paul,” I could be referring to Sts. John and Paul, not to mention any number of saints named John or Paul, but in having John Paul II specifically in mind, would heaven or the Church (or my parish) chastise me?

Also, I would like to dedicate my confirmation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary: is this completed by just a simple prayer? Any suggestions would be appreciated!

“John Paul” was encouraged in my parish when he was still alive. Probably referring to Saints John and Paul, I guess.

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