confirmation names?

I was just wondering if I can pick two confirmation names, because I was thinking about using Joseph-Patrick as my confirmation name.

You mean like John Paul or Simon Peter? :confused:

Ask the pastor or your teacher, they should know if there’s any rule about it. Or if there’s no rule, if there’s a custom.

St Lawrence?

I was told in my RCIA class that we could. I was also told you can choose a name such Joseph Mary. The name can also be switch to a feminine or male form of the saint’s name. The main idea is to find a saint that you can identify with before they were considered saints so that the saint can be an example for you to follow. Hope this helps!:slight_smile:

My son’s middle name from Baptism is Edward-Jude. When he was confirmed a few years ago, he chose St. John Bosco as his patron. So he now is Gregory Edward-Jude John Bosco (Surname).

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