Confirmation ONLY-for an adult?

I was baptized Catholic, went to sunday school classes, had my first communion, kept going to church…and then…my world fell apart. My parents went through a nasty divorce…I won’t go into all the details…but no one thought to mention to us children anything about confirmation…in fact my parents were away from the church briefly. When I was a teen I went with my dad to Catholic church…taking communion…but no one mentioned anything about confirmation. When I was 19, I married and joined the Protestant church…now fast forward about 22 years…here I am…returning to the church. I went to my first confession (nerve wracking!) and am taking communion again. But I want to be confirmed…but where do I fit? I don’t think I’m a typical RCIA canidate…but yet what do I do?


ask your pastor, he will have the best answer for you

your pastor will take care of you. either he will give you instruction or place you in a confirmation oriented RCIA program. welcome back and God Bless.

Most diocese have adult Confirmation classes designed specifically for Catholics in your, or similar situation. Surely talk to your pastor but, if he is like mine, he may be taking a few well-deserved days off after Holy Week. :slight_smile: You should be able to find information on adult Confirmaiton on the diocese website. Welcome back!

You need to ask your church. I contacted the deacon and his wife at my church who are the head of RCIA and they lumped me in (adult confirmation, just like you) with RCIA because they didn’t have another class. I think there are 1 or 2 others in my same situation in my class. That might be what they do or they might have an adult confirmation class. Don’t worry, they will definitely get you the sacrament one way or another.

Go Meet your pastor. In my parish as a layman, I am a RCIA team leader under my deacon who is a Director of religious Education.

The big crux is the marital status, along with Mass attendance as we have to deal with this problem for Catholics completing their required sacraments :confused: My small group was three people and none made it to Easter Vigil. I felt so devestated after working all the 9 months with them toward their goal. My deacon and my pastor priest told me this was not my fault. The three people were not properly prepared as far as their marriage anullment issues were not completed.:shrug:

When you meet your pastor bring up your marital status and issues immediately. the sooner he knows this ,the sooner things can get worked out. If you are going through anullment, things have gotten tighter and slower with Marriage Tribunal courts throughout the Dioceses. My other team leader lost a lady doing the same thing riding 9 months with RCIA and marriage issues unresolved .I felt so sorry she was in tears.:frowning: Tell your fiends and family members what I have told you. God Bless.:thumbsup:

I dont think shes divorced- she got married and said fast-forward 22 years. If you are divorced you need an annulment if not you dont need one (thats for the OP).

Thanks for the information, and the help it’s late night.:). Then this process should be "easy street’ for her. As for myself I need rest. Thanks much Good Night and God Bless:thumbsup:

Lucky for me–annullment of my marriage is not an issue. In fact I emailed him about that too–but like someone pointed out–it’s been HOLY week and he has been extremely busy:D I know because we went to Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil, and Easter Sunday. I’m going to be in withdrawl Monday :slight_smile:

I’m looking to get our marriage convalidated (I think that’s right) and my husband looks to join RCIA in the fall:thumbsup:

Thanks so much for everyone’s help–I’m just so anxious–I don’t want to have to wait until next Easter since I’m already taking communion and since I grew up (mostly) in the church–I’m pretty sure I know what being a Catholic is about–it’s amazing how quickly it all comes back :wink:


Odds are good you’ll both be confirmed at Easter Vigil next year… minutes after his profession of faith (will be needed) and baptism (if needed).

Saw 7 baptisms, and 9 confirmations at easter vigil. It’s not uncommon.

The pastor might, however, get special permission to do it at some other point, or the Bishop might come do it.

I just went through pretty much what you described. Instead of the divorce it was a move. My marriage needed to be convalidated. Luckily after 10 years of marriage and going to mass with me, my husband came into the church and received the sacraments of Eucharist, confirmation, reconciliation and marriage on the day the marriage was convalidated. This Saturday I was (finally) confirmed. I had to wait until the Easter vigil.

In our diocese all priests have the faculty to confirm adult Catholics on Pentecost Sunday. We have a 6 week course for those Catholics who only need Confirmation. Many are in similar situations. They went to CCD, received Communion and for some reasons or another could not receive COnfimation as a youngster.

Annabella Marie, Did you get married in the Catholic Church? If so, there is no problem, but if you got married in the Protestant church, without a dispensation from the Catholic Church, then you are not validly married and will need to have a convalidation. Talk to your priest, if this is the case.

Even if she was divorced she would not neccessarily need the anullment -only if she was divorced and remarried.

Welcome home. Good luck.

Sorry about that - I forgot she was a baptized Catholic- yes, you would need convalidation if it was in the Protestant Church.

My wife just received confirmation at this Easter Vigil. She had to go through RCIA with me (I received first Eucharist/confirmation).

My wife was confirmed at age 28. Her family was Catholic only for cultural reasons ( didn’t attend Church, but had my wife Baptized and she made her First Holy Communion).

Our pastor did not require any classes or anything, simply that she desired the Sacrament. He then asked that she show up when the Bishop was going to be at the parish Confirming the 8th graders.

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