Confirmation Pictures

Does anybody have pictures AND/OR VIDEO of the Tridentine Rite Confirmations at Saint Mary Oratory in Rockford, Illinois on December 2 of this year?\

I had desperately wanted to go, but I could find nobody to take me. The man that introduced me to the Tridentine Mass got Confirmed there!

I appreciate your help on this!

If I had been able to go, I still would have wanted video and pictures.

If someone could find anything on DVD, that would be great!

Surely someone out there has some video and pictures?:slight_smile:

This is the closest thing I could get:

[quote=SummaTheo]This is the closest thing I could get:

Thank you, SummaTheo!:blessyou:

Hopefully they will have some video and pictures of the Confirmaton soon!

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