Confirmation prep?

The Sister who handles RCIA and other religious ed in our parish sent me an email asking that my DH and I begin a month long Confirmation prep class with her. She wants to start in early February. She said that since I have finished RCIA and am still awaiting annulment it is best to do this now so that when I am declared free to marry my DH and I can have our convalidation and then be Confirmed right away . (He’s a cradle catholic who fell away before Confirmation and I am converting.) I agree.

Here’s the problem. RCIA was a bit…lacking. I learned many things, but not nearly as much as I learned here at CAF. I don’t want to be less than totally prepared for the Sacraments, so I’d like to do some reading if anyone has suggested reading that would be great!

Well, there is always the Catechism. :slight_smile:

The United States Catholic Catechism for Adults is also very good. It’s more digestable that the universal Catechism and RCIA is one of the key uses for it. I think it is very much underrated. It really is a good overview of the faith.

Thanks! Keep suggestions that will help me achieve a deeper understanding coming!

Yes, this is what we use for our RCIA folks. This and the New Catholic Answer Bible which has a lot of side explanations, history notes, and apologetics along side the Scripture.

Good luck, and congratulations!

Thank you!

I have an old and very heavy New Jerusalem Bible that my MIL left behind when she went to her retirement residence and that my husband kept. But I don’t like using it because it is so bulky. I usually rely on my missal which is not enough. I have been kicking around the idea of purchasing a bible of my own, but I am sort of picky. I want the wording I like (old school phrasing such as thee and thou) along with historical and cultural context, maps, so on and so forth. Am I chasing unicorns?

No, lol. Get a Knox Bible if you like the more flowery words. The NRSV-Catholic Edition is very good.
There is a new edition called The Didache Bible which I understand is selling well, and getting wonderful reviews.
While you are studying though, the Catholic Answer Bible has a lot of extras in the area of apologetics. For daily reading, you may prefer one of the others though.

You have learned so much just on this site! And yes, you can use the CCC and such. Take the classes and run with it.

The RCIA process in many areas is lacking, and that is sad. But you have supplemented well.

If your are open to non-book suggestions, Symbolon is a great DVD program that we have been using for RCIA in my parish this year. It’s a bit pricy for individual use ($189.95 from Lighthouse Catholic Media…more if you want the corresponding participant’s guides). But perhaps you could convince your parish to purchase a copy for RCIA use. It is a really handy way for RCIA participants to be able to “catch up” when some inevitably miss a session here or there. Or else, you could even check to see if your diocesan office has an AV lending library (some dioceses do).

In any case, it is a really great program that does a great job of encapsulating the faith.

I checked out all of the above online. I am leaning toward buying the NRSV-CE and the New Catholic Answers Bible. I think I’ll go for the NCAB first and then the NRSV. Thank you so much for your suggestions.

I have bookmarked the USCCB for Adults and am going to read it when I have time and am feeling inspired. I figure I’ll eventually get through the whole thing. I also have a copy of The Handbook for Today’s Catholic.

I know the parish doesn’t have a copy for their lending library because I made up the catalog for it last year. If I’d seen it I’d have remembered and checked it out myself, lol. I don’t know if our diocese has a lending library, but I will check! If not, I will ask Sister if they have a copy that’s not part of the lending library or would be willing to purchase the set when I see her on Sunday.

They do have a copy of the Catholicism DVD’s, but someone has episode one and hasn’t returned it in months, so it’s not being used right now. :frowning:

If the parish looks to invest in Symbolon they should also look at getting online access. Our pastor got parish wide online access last year and we have had something like 50+ families go through it. These were families that were already Catholic, but wanted “refreshers” on their faith formation. The advantage of online is there is no waiting for someone to return it to the lending library or loosing/breaking a disc. :wink:

Genius! I will suggest it!

(and I am kicking myself that I didn’t think of that!)

Ah, I was unaware of that option. It’s a little more pricey for the parish, but it definitely makes it much more widely available. Good to know.

This may sound a bit strange, but the Grade 7 text from the Faith and Life Series (it’s called “The Life of Grace”) might be a good option. In this book, children are taught about the sacraments, including Confirmation.

Not strange at all. Seton 2nd grade theology is also unbelievably thorough and simple. And while that may sound condescending it is not at all. I have learned much myself, and have used it to evangelize and catechize teens and adults. Many times on this site I borrow from simple second grade religion material.

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