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Greetings, I am a sponsor for my brother's wife for adult confirmation. She's late 30s. Is there any 'traditional' gift that someone receiving confirmation usually gets? Or any particular ideas?



They have confirmation kits you can get.

I usally go online to get some ideas.

These ideas come from this web site called;
"St. Jude Religious Stores"

Some Suggestions for gifts for Confirmation

Holy Spirit (Dove) Necklace
4-Way or 5-Way Scapular Medal
Rosary Bracelet
Gift of the Spirit Crucifix
Patron Saint (Confimation Name) Medal
Music Medal
Sports Medal

God bless

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Get her a rosary and a bottle of holy water.


I remember receiving a beautiful prayer book, a new rosary, and a st. joan of arc medal (I chose her for my confirmation name)


I bought my husband (who was confirmed this year), a book about his patron saint, another book about Mary, and a pocket medal of his saint. I forewent the standard rosaries since he has been given about a half dozen of them since starting RCIA. :p

My son is getting confirmed tomorrow (yay!) and he specifically asked for his own copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. I am also giving him a very nice statue of his patron saint, and a pocket medal as well.


Get her a copy of CS Lewis, Mere Christianity.


Perhaps, as others have mentioned, something that pertain's to the person's Confirmation saint. My brother was just confirmed this past year. He chose St. Michael, and I made him a Chaplet of St. Michael out of twine, with the St. Michael/Guardian Angel medal at the end.


I would say some type of Catholic prayer book and a rosary (either of her favorite color or perhaps the color of her birthstone - example: March, light blue). If she chose a confirmation name, perhaps a medal on a necklace of her patron saint.

I chose for my sister's kids (also my GodChildren) who were 7 and 9 years old at the time, and got received into the church:

*Several religious book marks
*A few saint medals
*Children's book of Saints (they had to share that, I got the same kind like I got for my 1st Holy Communion)

They got each a children/young person's Bible from the religious education leader.


Maybe a cross pendant? I still have the one my grandparents gave me for confirmation and wore it to my grandfather’s funeral a couple months ago.


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