Confirmation problems

Well, I was born a regular birth.

Baptized at age 6.

Have confessed at Reconciliation.

Received Holy Communion.

And wasn’t Confirmed. My mother told me “Dayton, your not going to be Catholic”. I thought this wasn’t a big deal until I had my personal experience with God. I realized that this is a big deal.

I really want to be Confirmed, but my mother is not allowing this, and I have a few questions:
What religion am I?
Will I be able to be Confirmed in my adult years?
Is it possible to be Confirmed without parental permission?


Welcome to CAF, Dayton!

If you were baptized in a Catholic Church then you are Catholic. :thumbsup:

Yes, you can be confirmed as an adult. Every year many adult Catholics are Confirmed. It happens that a large number of Catholics somehow “never got Confirmed” and come along as adults. Most parishes have special classes each year for adult Catholics preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation. It’s a wonderful time of preparation that you share with others on the same journey.

It’s terrific that you’ve had a “personal experience with God” which has changed you and that you want to act on this. Praise God, from whom all blessings flow!

As a Catholic you have an “obligation” to go to Mass each Sunday and other Holy Days of Obligation. I hope you are able to do this. Your faith journey may even encourage your mom to re explore her faith. :slight_smile:

Hope to see more of you here on CAF! :slight_smile:

How old are you now?

I really want to be Confirmed, but my mother is not allowing this, and I have a few questions:
What religion am I?

You are Catholic as you were Baptized into the Church.

Will I be able to be Confirmed in my adult years?

Yes, many people are Confirmed as adults. Many diocese have special programs for adults who are missing that Sacrament.

Is it possible to be Confirmed without parental permission?

Probably not if you are a minor but you should speak to the priest at your local parish. One of the concerns will be that if your parents aren’t giving you permission to be Confirmed, will you be able to practice Catholicism freely - attend Mass, go to Confession etc. If not, it may be more prudent to wait until you are no longer a minor to be Confirmed.

Thanks, this really helped me out, alot.

I attend the LifeTeen youth group, every Sunday :slight_smile:

Great! If you’re a teen you can start thinking about a good Catholic College or University… like Franciscan University of Steubenville, right there in Ohio! :thumbsup:

I am 15.

I was thinking about that actually.

I probably am going to attend one of their Festival of Praises this year. :smiley:

We had 5 teens that were baptized but not confirmed in our RCIA, two your age…they all were confirmed at the Easter Vigil…and some adults in the same boat…

You are Catholic by your Baptism…welcome home.


Hi Dayton,

I was impressed by your introduction in the newbie thread. Others have given you the answers, but I just wanted to add that I was confirmed as an adult and it was a beautiful, wonderful experience. As long as you are attending Mass each Sunday and participating in the sacraments, you are fine. Your confirmation will come at the appropriate time.

God Bless~

I think I’m missing something here. You said you were baptised, made first confession, received first Communion; all very “catholic”. So, why did your mother say: “Dayton, your not going to be Catholic”. Are you not a Catholic or does your mother not understand the purpose of confirmation?

Even if she does not understand the purpose of confirmation presumably she had you baptised as a Catholic.

If you were baptised in the Catholic Church you’re a Catholic. You’ve been baptised and received first Communion. Confirmation will not make you Catholic if you’re already Catholic. (If you were baptised in another Christian church or ecclesial community you can be received into the Catholic Church by confirmation.) If I’ve got my Church law correct as your aged 14+ you can make you’re own choice about being confirmed.

If you were baptized in the Catholic Church, you are already a Catholic. Your mother is very confused.

If you were baptized in the Catholic Church, or brought into the Catholic Church at some point in your youth, you are a Catholic.


Yes, it definitely is.

if you were baptized by a Catholic priest or deacon in a Catholic rite you are Catholic. I assume you also made your first confession and communion in the Catholic Church since you do not state otherwise. If you mother refuses your permission for Confirmation while you are under her authority, you will do your best to continue practicing your faith, and when you are of age you will go to the priest and ask to be prepared for Confirmation as an adult.

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