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I live in diocese X, but attend Mass in diocese Y. Because the bishop is the only ordinary minister of the Sacrament of Confirmation, and because the bishop ruling where I live is different from the bishop ruling where I worship, could I face problems when it is time for my children to be confirmed? Thank you.


Can. 886 §1. A bishop in his diocese legitimately administers the sacrament of confirmation even to faithful who are not his subjects, unless their own ordinary expressly prohibits it

It would be best to bring your situation to the pastor of the parish you attend and discuss it ahead of time so there are no surprises. You may need to also talk to the pastor of your territorial parish and ensure there are no particular laws in your diocese prohibiting it.


what she said… :thumbsup:

I would add, if you live so close to the border to attend Mass in the other diocese, this is probably a very common question that the pastors and DREs are **very **familiar with.


Often, you’re regarded as a member of the parish you “register” in, not the parish in whose territory you reside. Or at least, registration can trump residence.

But yeah, talk to your pastor at the parish you attend, and get things straightened out before it gets urgent.


This is not accurate. “Registration” cannot “trump” territory.

One’s parish, pastor, and ordinary is determined by one’s geographical residence or membership in a personal parish, or in the case of transients and those with a quasi-domicile, by the law.

These things are governed by canon law. “Registration” is not even a concept in the law at all.


Thank you very much.


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