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Hello dear friends,

I am a returner to this forum after several years (8 I think) absence. I hope to have this question answered by some of you in the “know”.

This morning at Mass our confirmation students participated in a “rite” of welcome during our mass this morning. For the life of me I cannot find a “RITE of welcome” for confirmation students. I know we have one for our folks in RCIA but this is a regular confirmation class of teens. I guess my question is this. Has anyone heard of a rite of welcome for a regular confirmation group or is this just something made up?

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Deacon John


I had my Confirmation rite of welcome some 10 years ago in high school, and the 2-year Confirmation process is a standardized, diocesan-wide program. Maybe your diocese has a similar program?


I’m in RCIA and so is my daughter. We had our Rite of Welcome over the summer.

Here is a link to a Google search on the subject. Plenty of information to be read.


In Canada it’s one of the other rites in the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. Meant to be used with any baptized canonical adults, be it those who which to be receive into full communion, uncatechized Catholics seeking Confirmation and Eucharist and all those completing their initiation with Confirmation.

I don’t know where you live but check your national RCIA book for this rite. It’s not in the Confirmation Rite.


My daughter is being Confirmed in April. Our parish had the 'Commitment Mass" where the candidates publically announce their intent and desire to be Confirmed.

I had not hear of a ‘Welcome’ Mass before though


We have a commitment Mass also where the Confirmation candidates present letters to the pastor requesting Confirmation.


Our parish used to do the blessing of the senses from the Rite of Welcoming as part of the Mass at the conclusion of a Confirmation retreat at the beginning of the year. We did not do the Rite in it’s entirety.


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