Confirmation Saint for younger brother

I am my younger brother’s sponsor for his Confirmation. I asked him if he had thought about a Confirmation saint, and he said the Parish doesn’t allow candidates to choose a saint. I am somewhat baffled by this. It would make sense if the Parish said they weren’t required, but to forbid the children from choosing patrons seems…bizarre.

Should I encourage my younger brother to pray and find a patron saint for his Confirmation, regardless of what the parish says?

by now you will probably be asked to attend a candidate sponsor meeting with him, and you can ask your question, but I am confident he misunderstood, and has been told it is not required to choose a new saint for Confirmation, but recommended to learn all you an about your baptismal name saint.

It is not required. It is definitely allowed. :slight_smile:

Yes, tell him to choose one. Also tell him to tll the priest that he is allowed and encouraged by Canon Law to choose one (Just a suggestion :wink: )

In what canon? :confused:

I meant “by the Church” haha! Old habits … well, just don’t die that fast! :smiley:

Not in Book IV, Part I, Title II, which is where the sacrament of confirmation is dealt with.

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