Confirmation Saint Name Advice

  • St Faustina
  • St Bernadette
  • St Jacinta
  • St Teresa of the Andes.

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I am thinking of a confirmation saint and names please give me some ideas.

St Faustina and Bernadette played a great role in my realization the catholic church is only the true church.

You should pray and ask God for help in choosing, and then select the saint whom you feel the closest to.


Yes I do pray. I wanted to explain how these saints had a impact on me but it’s late here and might do that tommorow. I was just wandering, because it’s hard to say. I know I should talk to a priest about this.

They are all wonderful saints, so you can’t go wrong with any of them.

It’s hard for us to tell someone else which saint they should choose though. Plus, the last person who asked for help choosing a confirmation saint then all of a sudden at the last minute decided to pick a saint who hadn’t even been on her list. Sometimes it just happens that you get some flash of inspiration like that.


Mine is St Anthony. Have you considered him? He is the patron saint of lost items. If you ever feel spiritually lost then you would be able to count on your patron saint!

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My opinion is to read what you can about the lives of these, and other, saints. I searched for a “big brother/big sister” in heaven who had some understanding of my life, who has faced things I face. For me, it was about a real mentor with whom I felt a kindred bond.

(Yeah, I looked at the Saint who had a miracle of changing water to beer because it is cool, but, went the other way).

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