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We have a young person seeking a name to use for Confirmation . In speaking with this candidate he mention his Mother had past away when he was 6 yrs. old.
I suggest that he take his Mother Saint name as their confirmation name. Her name was Tammy. I have tried to do some rarch and have not found this name or origin of the name
Can some one help .


As far as I know Tammy is generally a diminutive form of the name Tamara which is generally seen as being a form of Tamar. The only religious references to that name I know of are Tamar and Onan in Genesis and King David's daughter Tamar. I know of no Saint Tamar or Tamara in the Catholic Church.


According to Wikipedia, Tammy can also be a form of Tamsin or Thomasina which are are feminine versions of the name Thomas.


Did the young person's mother have a middle name? Perhaps the middle name is a saint name.. or another idea would be to use the saint of the day of the mother's birthday.

God bless you for helping this young man.


Adding to the above, Tammy comes from Tamar, a Jewish name and means perfect one.


This might get him in the ballpark. Tammy is rather a nickname so formally it could be the nickname for THAMEL. Who was a male saint and a martyr. A male saint for a boys' role model, his mothers' name remembered and honored -- that could be like winning a double-header.

Since there'e no pronunciation guide for how to say Thamel ... he could use the hard T sound versus the TH sound at the beginning ... maybe even a long "e" sound at the back to sound more like Tammy (Tam EEL or TAM eel). <Thamel and companions, martyrs


Thank you all for taking time from your busy schedule and answering my question.

God bless you today and every day:



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