Confirmation Saint: St. Therese of Liseaux ♥


Hi there,
I’m going to be making my Confirmation in April :). This summer, we were asked to pick a saint. I picked Faustina, because we are both writers, I love Divine Mercy, and she’s from Poland (same place as Papa John Paul II) Now that I’ve started classes, I’m falling in love with St. Therese. I am reading her book, and I just cry because she’s so beautiful. And she’s very much like me. We both are little girls who try to do any little act of love to offer up to God, and I’m having similar experiences as her. Every time someone says St. Therese, My heart jumps for joy because I love her so much.

Do you think I should ask my teacher to switch my name?



I would ask the teacher if two saints can be chosen. Explain the situation.

I read St. Therese also. She is great!

I wonder how many other saints are just as wonderful. We have a lot to look forward to! With eternal life as a reward, you could say the “yoke is easy, the burden is light.”


I’d have SUCH a difficult time choosing between St Faustina and St Therese also!! I love them both too… the only advice I can think of, maybe try praying to both of them and ask for God to show you which Saint you should choose :slight_smile: it might be the Saint who is most suited to your situation and role in the Church… for example, I was initially drawn to St Therese because of her ‘little way’ and that’s something I want to imitate, and St Faustina because of her trust in God.


You are having to choose so early!! We didn’t have to pick ours even until the Easter Vigil and the only person that knew mine was my sponsor since she had to say it. But I picked St. Therese, too!


Hi Jeanne,

St. Therese is very dear to me. She would be a good choice as would St. Faustina, whom I also like very much. That said, there is nothing wrong with a hyphenated name.

Why not choose: Faustina-Therese. :wink: :thumbsup:

– Cadian :knight1:


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