Confirmation Saint?

I asked this in AAA but haven’t received a response, SO i’ll ask here and pick other people’s brains. :thumbsup:

Is it possible to receive the sacrament of confirmation without choosing a confirmation saint? If so, can one go back after the fact and choose a confirmation saint?

Just curious what would happen in such a situation…

ordinarily your confimation saint is your baptismal name saint. You are free to choose another patron saint as well for confirmation, but it is not required. you can research and have a devotion to another saint any time you want but you can’t go back retroactively and add a confirmation name after the fact.

You need a “new name” it is part of the sacramental ceremony. Your “new name” is used by the Bishop.
Chose a saint whose biography is strong in something you lack. Think what you need most, i.e. courage, perseverance, understanding, faith then get a book of saints and read their stories until you find one that has overcome the same issue, and chose that saint.
For example: Courage to evangelize - chose Anthony of Padua. Angry - chose Francis of Assisi who was all about peace. Greedy - chose St. Nicholas who gave away his fortune to others. Lack Perseverance - chose St. Paul who pressed on despite the many hardships. You get the idea

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