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Hi all. When I converted to Catholicism 5 years ago it was in a Parrish that was in their words guided by the Spirit of Vatican ll. Don’t get me wrong there were some wonderful people involved in my RCIA class and a priest who had taught at a very high level. But it was not what I expected. My vision was of the Catholic Church from Pope Pius Xll and before. I mean we were not even asked to pick a confirmation saint. Anyway, it all worked out and I am in a more traditional Parrish now. So my question is this: We introduced a new RCIA class this week and Father said there will be the slap on the face and not the “peace be with you” type of confirmation because the Cross is a hard load to carry. Question: Is this the traditional initiation into the Church? If so, while I am grateful for what those people in RCIA group did for me, I am also sad that I didn’t get the slap I deserved! (Sarcasm implied). Thank u everyone for reading this.


The “slap” is actually a variant of the sign of peace. The Rite of Confirmation was revised in 1972. So the “slap” has not been part of the Rite in 43 years.

There was absolutely nothing missing from, or wrong with, your confirmation. While it would have been better to insruct you regarding the option of choosing a Confirmation saint name, this has no impact on the validity of your Confirmation.


Slap? Like, literally wacking someone across the face is a variant of the sign of peace?! That just doesn’t seem very peaceful to me.


It’s not a sign of peace. It’s a reminder that being in the Church means taking up your cross.


It was never a whack on the face! It was a tap. I received confirmation in 1954, when I was eleven. The tap on my face did not even begin to hurt me. Confirmation was treated then correctly - not a “graduation”, but confirming us as Christian soldiers!


No. It is a touching of the cheek with the hand. It became a variant of the sign of peace during the Rite. Instead of the traditional kiss of peace, the bishop gave a tap on the cheek during the Peace.

Some say (as above) it was a reminder of the struggles of the soldiers of Christ. But, it grew up in the Middle Ages, and I don’t see any clear (scholarly) documentation on its actual origins, just pious legends. The “soldier of Christ” aspect of Confirmation is quite old so it is certainly a likely explanation of how the Rite of Peace evolved this way.


Well, actually, it IS the sign of peace. The so-called slap is a variant of the Rite of Peace, it was done with the words “Peace be with you” in place of the kiss of peace (or handshake, etc.).


Oh, brother. :rolleyes: It is just a tap. The following video is excellent in its 13-minute entirety, but 6:30 and 7:28 are good examples of the very peaceful tap.


Also at about 8:13 in that video, the subtitle briefly explains the tap on the cheek. A great video!


I got the confirmation slap! And that was 1992 so I am sure it is still done. However as others said it was only a tap with the hand on the cheek. I was also thought that it had to do something with medieval times and when the soldiers where invested they were put on a sword on both shoulders and kinda we were soldiers of Christ and it was along that road. However it was too long ago so I don’t remember very well.


Are bishop dose it for that reason


I wish the slap would come back. I know more than a few that would benefit… Maybe even some on here…:D;):p:eek:


The Slap of Peace by parishioners during Sunday Mass would be quite entertaining.


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