Confirmation - Soldiers of Christ

Just curious if confirmandi are still being taught that one of the things the Sacrament does for them is make them Soldiers for Christ. I was taught this and took it seriously. Not because I’m warlike but because sometimes we are in a battle - against evil - and we are obligated to fight.

At times like these we live in, which I could never have imagined when I was confirmed at age 11, sometimes I feel like a wimpy soldier. It’s like I need new training exercises. And to pray asking the Holy Spirit to give me more strength and wisdom. How about you?

Members laity are the meeting point between the Christian and the non-Christian world, and the Sacrament of Confirmation prepares an army for war. As soldiers of Christ we go to church to receive grace, truth and life in order that we may take it into the world and share it with the spiritually lost, and those starving for the truth of Jesus Christ. Archbishop Sheen gives a good talk about it here, well worth listening to…:thumbsup:

I am Confirmed and was taught the term “soldier of Christ/God” slightly under 20 years ago. I believe it to be valid.

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