Confirmation Sponsor Obligations and my cousin left the Church


Just pray for her conversion, God will do the rest.

Place your prayers and offer incense before the Infant King:


I would suggest that if you had a falling out that you should write to her and try to have a reconciliation. None of us is perfect and as we get older hopefully we learn from our mistakes and learn to be more prudential in our responses.
I would also suggest that you try to live the holiness that God is calling you to live. It is primarily by the holiness of life that we can win others to the Faith and even if she can’t see you that holiness will have its effect. How she responds will depend on her. I recommend that you pray for her and leave her to the mercy of God who sees everything and knows everything.


I already talked to her, asked her forgiveness years ago. I cried and she forgave. We are technically on good terms, though not close in proximity or friendship. I have begun praying for her in every Rosary and I will have masses said. Thanks for the insight :yellow_heart::yellow_heart:


She’s coming back to the Church—found out tonight. :scream_cat::scream_cat::scream_cat::scream_cat: I am in awe. My mom and I begun in earnest fasting and praying for her since I wrote this message, and praying the Rosary for her. Thank you to all the saints for whose intercessions I prayed, most prominent, Our Blessed Mother. Now, to pray for her SOLID return. :heart::heart::heart: Praise God. Phil 1:6 “…he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” :raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2:


Is this the same as the Infant of Prague? I received a great favor for my friends from Him about 4 years ago.

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