Confirmation sponsor


I have just been asked to be a sponsor for my best friend’s son at his confirmation. I am very close to the whole family, but am still very surprised (but pbviously very pleased) to be asked

I just wondered if you have any advice how I can approach this role? I want to do it properly! :slight_smile:


Ask if you can attend one or two of his classes with him; that should open the door if he has any questions that you can help him with.

I was a confirmation sponsor for a teenage friend of the family several years ago. She was your typical teenager in that she wanted to learn, but didn’t want you to know that she wanted to learn. My instruction consisted of six handwritten letters that touched on various Catholic topics with a seventh letter outlining my own spiritual journey to that point.
The beauty of the letters is that she will always have what I said. Most people love to get a letter and will usually take the time to read it.

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