I joke with my family that I am the most baptised person on earth.
The one I took seriously and felt spiritualy was my baptism into the catholic church which was the only one I knowingly gave my permission for.

I did not have a first communion but did confess and take the eucharist. Which is the most beautiful thing beyond words of bliss to feel.

I have lately felt the need to confirm. but do not know how. My priest at the church I go to wants me to go every sunday but unfortunatly due to work and lack of transportation can not make it and that is driving me crazy.

I have tried to set up chatacism for my children but unfortunatly due to my job can not make it on sundays which is a requirement from our priest. I do not have family that would take them or who I trust with my children. I have not even been able to baptise my youngest yet because of the requirement of a God mother and father for her. I do not have anyone I trust enough for that and it is a big responsibility that I have found from experiance with my other children is not understood when you except the role of God parent.

Any ideas help please.


Even a poor godparent is better for your child than no baptism at all. I urge you to get him/her baptized as soon as possible. Do you have ANY relative you could ask, or a church friend? Ask your priest what your options are in a situation like this.


Gracious, ask your priest and someone on staff at your parish to stand as godparents for your child, if you cannot think of anyone else! Don’t delay baptism!


if you cannot find someone to serve as a godparent the pastor will appoint someone, or suggest someone, often another parent who is also preparing to baptize a child.

if your parish has religious education at inconvenient times, call neighboring parishes. they usually balance theri schedules, some have after school, some Saturday, some Sunday.

if you cannot get transportation to Mass on Sunday, make your needs known to the pastor and ask if they can advertise in the bulletin for someone to carpool with you.

If you have to miss Mass because of work and changing jobs is not a possibility, again talk to the priest. You have no obligation if you cannot attend, but he may have good suggestions for you. Again, call around see if mass times are more convenient on Sat or Sun at neighboring parishes.

If you can’t take confirmation classes yourself now, you can self-study on the internet for the time being, this will also help you educate your children, which you can do at home if parish RE class is not possible right now.


What everybody said, and you only need **one **godparent, of either gender. It is only if you have **two **godparents that you need one of each gender.


I did finnaly call my parish this morning and explained my situation.:wink: :wink: :wink:

I am glad I did I have a ride tonight for confession and tomorrow evening after work pray for me to have the energy to stay awake to go.

This wonderful sister Barbara is going to help me set up Catachism for my 2 oldest:thumbsup:

We still have the problem of my youngest but my Dad is standing up to be her god father I will speak with my pastor tonight.

I am almost crying with happiness that after these months I can go back to church.

I explained to sister Barbara about how my first communion happened she told me I would probably have to obstain from the sacrament untill it was done properly. That is my only heart ach right now. I miss the eucharist and it hurts that I wont be able to participate fully in it.

Thank you for kicking me in the rear and motivating me.


This (the text in bold) is not correct. There is no such thing as a specific First Communion sacrament. We normally do like to make a person’s first reception of Holy Communion special, but it is not necessary.

From what you said, you were baptised Catholic. Since you gave permission for this, it would appear that you were old enough to receive Holy Communion at that time. Why did this not hapen?

But, you have already received your First Holy Communion - the first time you received it, that was it! All you need now is to ensure that you are always in a state of Sanctifying Grace each time you receive.


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