Conflict with current events

It in no way lessens your state of grace, friendship with God or the Church. While you and I disagree about Trump it doesn’t change God or our relationship with Him or spiritually out relationship to each other. I hope my comments didn’t imply that in any way. A little background. I grew up in a faithless family. My parents and my brothers ,while not believers, provided a very loving and compassionate environment. They frankly exhibited Christian values.My father past away when I was turning sixteen. This began my search for God. My first real encounter with church and churched people was when I was in the Navy. I pray for my now deceased parents. My brothers now 83 and 80 years old I also pray for daily. Let me assure the previous poster my “secular family” doesn’t hate Christians any more than Christians hate them but Christian support for Trump is one of several arguments they have with the church. My concern is for their souls and the souls of others and removing any barriers we can. Admittedly I disagree with many of you on Trump. No I’m not proud of him. Wasn’t proud of Clinton.

I’m in agreement with you. Our bishop sent a letter to his parishes last election. Did he say who to vote for directly? No but he left no doubt who not to vote for. I, like you, found neither candidate acceptable. Still when you have a priest refuse communion to Biden isn’t that a message as strong as saying don’t vote for him to Catholics?

Would seem so. I’ll probably vote 3rd party. If Bernie was the nominee honestly I might have voted for him.

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We have to remember that nobody is perfect, and we all are sinners. Including Mr. Trump.

What we have to consider is the leadership our country has been needing for a long time – a strong leader with a backbone who understands the economy and how to make life better for the average working person AS WELL AS supporting small businesses which provide most of the jobs in this country.

Large corporations also provide jobs. Businesses large, medium and small keep our citizenry employed. Most contribute productively to our nation’s well-being, and now we have a president who understands this fact and has removed some of the stumbling blocks previous administrations have placed in their paths to their – and our – prosperity.

We may not like Mr. Trump’s style at times, and yes, he has had his share of proclivities. But every one of our other presidents have had faults of their own, some quite serious.

If we study our presidential history, we will find plenty of bad boys. Warren G. Harding was a prolific womanizer. So was John F. Kennedy, to name only a couple. Other presidents were involved in other scandals. Ulysses S. Grant’s administration was very corrupt. Andrew Jackson was a hot-head. Franklin Roosevelt had an extra-marital affair, as did Dwight Eisenhower.

None of our past presidents were angelic perfect, and none of our future presidents will be. But despite their personal shortcomings, we’ve had some outstanding leaders who did a lot of good for our country and her citizens. We have to look at the bigger picture, and leave the personal judgments up to God.

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Again I agree on the point we’re all sinners. Trump was asked if he ever needed repentance. His answer no. Also, no doubt we’ve had presidents who sin as we all do. Trump berates people and is untruthful almost daily. He treats his own people disrespecfully. Says McCain wasn’t a hero and talks that he made sacrifices in business during the war that both McCain and I served in that he dodged because of daddy’s money. Yes we’ve had other presidents who displayed bad behavior but I think this one holds the office in more discredit than those others. Understandably we all can disagree on this. In addition I think he’s a bad leader not a good one. Again we all have a right to our opinions.

maybe it is because of what the opposition supports

by voting for a Democrat, you support abortion, the entire LGBT agenda, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, transgenderism, identity politics, the destruction of the family, contraception, socialism, breaking the seal of the confession, federal funds to pay for abortions, forced abortions in Catholic hospitals, the selection of liberal judges who will uphold these policies, etc

which of these policies is approved by the church?

and if you vote for a third party, you waste your vote IMHO!

let’s face facts the winner will be either a Repub or a Dem

the priest had every right to refuse Biden

the church has rules and Biden isn’t following them. Biden is promoting democratic positions stated above that endanger the souls of many people.

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