Conflicted about job duties


I work at an OBGYN office.

About 2 to 3 times a month women call our office wanting to terminate their pregnancy. Our physicians/office does not perform elective abortions.

Many times we do have to provide the number to Planned Parenthood. Im bothered by this immensly! I hate giving women this information, but its part of my job.

Does planned parenthood offer counseling for keeping the baby?

Im very upset whenever I have to give this information to women!


Does the physician(s) for whom you work have a moral objection to abortion since s/he/they do not provide the procedure to their own patients?

If they do share your concerns/values, perhaps you could suggest at the very least that in addition to providing PP’s phone number, the office could also give out the number to a pro-life/adoption/crisis pregnancy service. That way you are truly providing options, some might even call it choice, to the patients.


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my family practice doctor refers such calls to our Catholic hospital chaplain in town who gives referrals to pro-life doctors, clinics and counselling services. She has signs prominently posted in her office stating her policy.


The office I work at has 10 physicians that deliver babies. I personally do not know each physicians stand about abortion. Ive worked here for 5 years & I know for a fact that none of the physicians will perform these procedures (electively) at least not through this office.

After posting I did find a non-profit center in the area that offers counseling & prayer to women. Im going to start giving their number to patients instead. They are part of the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates.


In addition to Island Oak’s suggestion, whenever someone calls asking for an abortion, try to offer up your sufferings that day for the mom to choose life. If you can, during your break, say the Chaplet of Divine Mercy or another prayer for that mom to give life to that baby.

If you are required to give PP’s info to these callers, can you also give the crisis pregnancy center’s number, or is that “against the rules”? I think I’d say something like, “We don’t abort babies here, but you can get more information from Crisis Pregnancy at 123-4567. I prefer that agency because they give more well-rounded information, but we’re required to give you Planned Parenthood’s number too, which is 666-6666.”


I wonder what would happen if you told your employer you
can no longer in good conscience give out the number to
Planned Parenthood. For 2 or 3 phone calls a month, would
they fire you when the person could easily look in the phone
book? Ask God and see what He thinks.


You need to make it known that you will not provide any referrals for abortions on religious grounds. Talk to your doctors and explain this to them.

PP counsels for abortions, not on keeping the baby. Abortion is their business.

Offer crisis pregnangy counseling center information instead.


In an office of that size, I’d think there is a policy and procedures document. Does it address these phone calls? If not, take it up with the office manager. Suggest that the official answer be defined, and it would make sense that answer be neutral - in this day of lawsuits, someone could come back on your office had the office referred to PP and the woman had a tragic outcome. Sometimes, in business, you have to use business terms (lawsuits) to make a point.

At least suggest they offer more than one alternative.

Should they come back with an official answer - in writing - that PP referal is the only option… then, ask about your personal religious convictions. Should that not be taken into consideration, perhaps it is time to find a new job.


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