Conflicted on ddiscernment


I’m 16 years old. I’ve been considering if o have a vocation to the priesthood. However at other times I feel called towards parenthood. Any advice for discerning between the two?


I know how you feel. I too am discerning priesthood through religious life. What really helps is developing more time for prayer. A perfect “in the middle” is a permanent deacon.


What I’ve heard from priests is to go to the seminary if you feel you may have a calling and it’s there where you’ll figure everything out.


Maybe you are being called to both! Not in the latin rite of course…but in some eastern catholic rites there are priests who have wives and children…and these eastern catholic rites are in full communion with rome…

So if you feel called to both…maybe god is calling you to both


It’s important that you talk to a priest and spend time talking to your parents.

Take time to think about your life and spend time in prayer. Ask God what He wants you to do in your life. I would also suggest that you add a devotion to the rosary or make time during your week in front of the blessed sacrament.

In the next year or so, you should get a secular job. Too many of the kids I know on seminary went from homeschool to here with very little time in the real world. Find a job where you regularly interact with people. Grocery store cashier, gas station attendant, or some unskilled labor. Also, do some volunteer work. I volunteered at a zoo when I was in high school. It will be good experience for you to spend a year or two at a part time job learning to manage a little bit of money.

After you’ve talked to your parents and your parish priest, talk to the vocation director. He will give you the advice you need.

I suggest that if you are still vacillating between the two vocations that you attend a semester or two at a college before you decide. This is advice that strays from the beaten path but at the seminary that I’m attending, the students who attended a little bit of college prior to the seminary are more mature and well rounded. (I may be biased but I got a degree first and then joined the seminary.)

If you want to see what seminary life is like, many seminaries have “Come and See” weekends where you can get a glimpse of the day in the life of a seminarian.



You can’t switch rites just because you want to be a married priest.


Where does it say this? At any rate Eastern Catholic men need to be married before they want to become a priest; one who is already an ordained priest cannot marry.


You’re only 16. You have plenty of time to make a decision one way or another so don’t stress over it. Continue to be obedient to the faith and live a prayerful life and God will show you what he wants you to do. When you finally make a decision and feel complete peace with that decision, you know it’s the one God wills for you.

As others have stated, be sure to discuss with a priest or spiritual director.


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