my son has surver ADHD and in on prozac meds,
last friday stephens school phoned me and asked is stephen still taking his meds ?
i replied he is ?
he then told me that the school PP was talking to all the confermation kids asking them what name are you picking :confused: stephen said JUDIS why judis the PP asked ???
well because of all the bad sexuall things the cathlic church has done to all the children over the years :confused:

so were do i go from here ?
the school told me that if he is picking JUDIS then he is not alowed to be "confirmed "
can they do that ?

Jude was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus generally called Thaddeus, and is also sometimes called Judas Thaddaeus. He is not Judas Iscariot, another disciple, the betrayer of Jesus.
You could use Judas in the meaning of Judas Thaddeus.
You might be best to discus the issue with the parish priest

They CAN disallow him the use of the name to whom Jesus refered, " he will wish he had never been born." And in this case, they SHOULD disallow this name in the sacrament.

More important though, would be to spend some SERIOUS time with your boy and the lives of ghe saints. Show him all the saints over 2000 years that poured out their lives doing good for children. To combat the current scandal, you can even choose many modern saints: John Bosco, Teresa of Calcutta etc.

Give him time to regroup. But ultimately stand with the parish priest on this.

And pray. Intense, committed, disciplined prayer for him. Every day. The damned scandal hurt so many souls in so many ways.

What Monicatholic said! (One of my very favorite posters!! :hug1: )

I’ll keep you and yours in prayers. I have a son, about to be 13, who is… a handful. He’s got several mental health diagnoses himself and sometimes I think others can’t see past his behavior.

Hang in there!!! :hug1:

Maybe point out some ‘cool’ saints that he might get excited about for the time being. A good example is St. Erasmus. I know a number of guys who were confirmed in his name because he was SO AWESOME:cool:

My dear friend: Yes, the Church can deny him Confirmation given what you have shared. We don’t only choose a Saint’s name, we choose a Saint whose life we admire and whom we would like to emulate. We choose a Saint to pray to go give us strength during the tough times.

It seems obvious to me based on what Stephen shared that he means Judas Iscariot and not Jude Thaddeus.

What you need to understand in order to help the Church and Stephen is the reason he has for picking the name. Is he doing so because he sees the abusers as “Judas” to our fellow brothers and sisters or because he sees in the abused the pain that Judas felt when he betrayed Christ? Is it an act of rebellion against the Church or is he seeking to share in this cross that some bear?

What did he say when you questioned him on his choice? Were you not a part of discussing the selection with him?

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