I was born a Catholic, had my first communion when I was little and never had my confirmation. I got married when I was 21 to a man who is not Catholic but I still want to go through with my confirmation and hubby wants no parts of the Catholic church…will I still be able to do this? thanks!


You should be able to be confirmed with proper preparation for the sacrament. Your best bet is to speak with your parish priest about the matter. I’m not sure of the timing, so you may be able to get it after some classes or meetings with the priests or you may have to wait for the Easter Vigil next year after a more lengthy preparation.


Of course you can still be confirmed. It’s never too late, last I checked. :shrug:

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my only worry would be since I did not get married in a Catholic church, and I am married to a non Catholic…would they consider my marriage not being acceptible, and thus not letting me have my confirmation? Hubby would never convert…I’ve tried and tried…it would never happen…

You would need to get your marriage convalidated if you married in a non-Catholic ceremony without the permission of the bishop. Convalidation does not require that your husband convert! Even if he refuses to cooperate, I believe the convalidation can still be done.

Talk to your parish priest. He will be able to help you.

thank you! you put a lot of my fears to rest then :slight_smile:

With the husband’s attitude, it doesn’t sound as though he’d be willing to do a simple convalidation, which requires admitting that your marriage isn’t valid, doing preparation for a Catholic wedding and repeating your vows in front of a priest or deacon.

The OP’s situation is one that would be best solved with radical sanation. In that case, the marriage is ‘healed at the root’, deemed to have been valid from the day they contracted their legal marriage and doesn’t require anything from the non-Catholic party except that he/she still want to be married.

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