Confraternitas Sancti Gregorii Magni - yes, it's back!

Several months ago CatholicNick and I created an organization of traditional Catholics on CAF. Unfortunately, through the sin of sloth on my part (mea culpa ;)) the idea fell through (although some of the members stayed loyal and kept the CSGM after their names).

Well, the Confraternity of Saint Gregory the Great is back ! And this time, pray that God gives me more virtue :wink:

So, I created a Temporary Forum for the CSGM that will do until I get an actual website up and running (if anyone with any experience in creating sites would like to help this poor web novice, I invite you to PM me :p). It is a poor forum, I know, but when I get the site up I’ll get a better forum. If the Catholic Church had to wait several centuries before it could move out of the catacombs and into the great Cathedrals, we can surely wait a few days for a new website to be built ;).

So, if any of you trads are interested, please register on that forum, post your name and email, and I will keep you updated. There are jobs available for those who want them :wink:

:smiley: Sweet, I just signed up.

me too.:thumbsup:

Hmm… I wonder what should happen to The Most Illustrious Papist of St Benedict though :stuck_out_tongue:

The website is coming along fine. I will probably finish ennough of it to upload soon, but I am just looking for some server space.

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