Confraternity-Douay and NAB book introductions

Reading and comparing book introductions for the Confraternity-Douay 1957 version and NABRE 2011 St Joseph Edition I noticed some book introductions are nearly identical. Wisdom and Sirach are nearly identical except for some dates. I’m not sure why they would copy the older introductions for some of the books and not others rather than write new ones for all the books. Any thoughts on this?

In the Confraternity edition they were in the process of reworking the whole Bible. They finished the New Testament, but while in the process of working on the OT. they abandoned that project and started the NAB.

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Yes there’s a note at the beginning of my edition that says that for the Old Testament only the first eight books and the seven sapiental books (Job to Sirach) are the confratertinity translation. The rest are the Douay.

Not exactly sure as to why the introductions in the NAB OT are so similar to those in the NABRE. Maybe they felt the intros were fine as is and only needed a few minor tweaks.

I actually stopped using my NAB some years back and even though I did buy a NABRE I never got into enough to notice the similarities.

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