Confraternity of St. Peter

What is the Confraternity of Saint Peter?
It is a society which gathers those who feel close to the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter and who wish to support its charism through prayers and sacrifices.
Thus the Confraternity contributes to the service of the Church, through supporting numerous vocations, the sanctification of priests and their pastoral endeavours.


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**How does one become a member? **

  1. Fill in the enrollment form and send it back to us when filled out.
    **2. The Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter will send to you in return the certificate of membership. The commitments take effect with the reception of the certificate. **
  2. Members must be at least 14 years old.
  3. Membership is purely spiritual and does not confer any rights or duties other than the spiritual support in prayer and charity in accord with the commitments described above.
  4. By themselves the commitments do not bind under penalty of sin.
  5. Membership and the commitments which follow it are tacitly renewed each year on the feast of the Chair of Saint Peter (February 22), unless expressly determined otherwise.

My wife and I joined 3 weeks back. We haven’t received our certificate yet, but we thought our commitment really started when we sent in our application. So we have been saying a decade of the Rosary and the suggested prayer daily since then.

Ah… you know you should all be joining the Third order of the ICRSS!


Why is this tread being moved? This is a Society that says the Tridentine Mass and follows Catholic Tradition.

The mission of the Fraternity is two-fold: first, the formation and sanctification of priests in the cadre of the traditional liturgy of the Roman rite, and secondly, the pastoral deployment of the priests in the service of the Church.

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