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I am enrolled in the Confraternity of the Rosary. For the past few days, I have not been praying my Rosary. Now, do I need to re-enroll to have access to the indulgences or does it just pick up once I go back to praying the Rosary daily?


Once enrolled, you’re enrolled forever. The entry for “Confraternity” at NewAdvent clarifies this by saying:

“The observance of the rules is not binding in conscience nor does their neglect deprive a person of membership, though in the latter case the Indulgences would not be obtained.”

So, just pick up where you left off and you’ll once again start receiving the ingulgences.


“nsper” I’m also a member, and my understanding is that you only need to say 5 decades per week (1 Rosary, a week). That suffices. Hope this helps.

God bless you.

P.S. Any other members, if I have misunderstood… please correct me. Thank you.

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Just curious: who authorized the Rosary Confraternity to state that plenary indulgences are granted by reciting the Rosary when enrolled?


Here is a link about the Contraternity, but we do have to say 15 decades a week. Anyway here is the link I believe it has the history as well


Lainey, Thank you for correcting me. I must have misunderstood. I thought it was 5 decades a week. :blush: I bet I read “one Rosary a week”… and misinterpreted that as 5 decades.

Shame on me. I should know… “one Rosary a week” IS 15 (20) decades. Thanks again for catching my blooper… so “nsper” and the others are not misinformed.

God bless.
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:rotfl:That’s funny. Because when you mentioned 5 decades I thought I had previously misinterpreted to mean 15 decades and I had to look it up.


lol!!! Looks like we both “blooped”! :wink: I’m glad you checked on it, and got it RIGHT :thumbsup:

God bless
MV :slight_smile:


I am also curious about this.


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