Confront sin

If a mortal sin has been brought to the attention of the priest (Adultery) - will he address the issue with the parishioner? Will he still give communion to them if he knows they have not repented?


Mind your own business and pray for others. Don’t gossip - even to the priest.

So much for Matt.18:15-17. And vs. 15 & 16 were already tried.

I’m somewhat confused by the question.

I do know that some folks do things themselves that give priests the impression they shouldn’t be taking Communion, but I’m not aware of any case where a priest listening to someone else who would say “you know, X shouldn’t be receiving because Y” and take it at face value.

I do know that in at least once place if the proper Communion form is not practiced, you may not receive a host until you show you know what’s going on.

According to Matt. 18:17 the sin should be brought to the church- so once the sin is told to the Priest- will he take action?

Do you know the person in question?

Have you confronted them yourself?

know her very well she refuses to talk about it- as I mentioned vs 16 has already been tried. Will the priest address t?

This is my opinion only.

Bring it to the Priest and leave it with him. Don’t do it in “dobbing” tone, try doing it in a way where the priest sees you are trying to help and not start trouble. Ask for his advice.

Will he address it? Neither you nor I can predict the future. I don’t if he will. I know priests who have addressed it and other that haven’t.

However, my opinion is that he should address it. Whether it’s with her directly (and in privacy) or if he does it at a homily where he discusses this type of sin in general so she may take a hint.

Just my 2 cents.

thank you I really don’t want to go this route but I fear for her sole and all other attempts have failed. This Priest knows her very well so my prayer is he will address it directly.

It’s good that you fear for her soul and want to help her.

At the end of the day however remember…It is HER soul and she is the one responsible for it.

Do what you feel is right and keep praying for her.

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