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im 14, now, and i just came back to the church, but was an active member as a child, and recieved first comunion, etc. the only thing that still confuses me is that i dont remember being confirmed. my mother says i was…i just cant remember. i just need to be sure. i mean, dont you have to be confirmed to recive communion in the first place? my mother also says that my baptist grandma went to two occasions at the church that involved me. one would have been communion, and the only thing that the other would have been for, is a confirmation i just cant remember…thanks for any help.


You do not need to be confirmed to receive communion.

The parish where you “might have been” confirmed would have a record of that. In most parishes you would not have been confirmed unitl you were 15 or 16.


All of your sacramental records will be at the parish in which you were baptized


Just simply call or go by the church where you were Baptized and ask for a copy of your Sacramental record. It will have everything listed on it. No, you do not have to be Confirmed to receive Holy Communion.

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