Confused about Fox channels

As far as I know Fox is owned by Murdoch but I am confused as to why Fox is an atheist channel with an awful lot of atheist programs on it while Fox News is very much Republican and pro God. It seems they do not fit in with each other.

I can really only speculate, but my guess would be that the higher-ups at Fox – like the higher-ups at any media conglomerate – are concerned primarily with making money. FoxNews is the only game in town when it comes to explicitly conservative reporting. Maybe those on the programs themselves believe what they’re saying. I have no reason to think otherwise. But I would suspect the higher-ups are concerned with being profitable moreso than pushing an agenda.

But this is all just speculation. My only basis is my own assumptions. I could very well be wrong.

I’m not sure which FOX channel you are referring to: here in SE USA, we have four (I think): a local FOX station, which carries some FOX “entertainment” I do not care to watch, FOX NEWS, which seems to lean Republican, FOX Business Channel, which is definitely conservative, and, I think, a FOX movie channel, which we con’t get with our cable reception package.

I haven’t noticed (or heard) of an “atheist” outlook on any of them. Hope that helps.

Murdoch is about money. For now, the republican bias is profitable because it is the only venue for all the viewers that were tired of the liberal establishment media(local stations, MSNBC, CNN, etc.). Murdoch will change if he thinks it more profitable. This explains why the network Fox channel has progressive shows; they garner high ratings via pop culture.

As others have said above, it’s because Fox channels are all rated M for Money.

it’s about maximizing the target audience. If FOX and Fox News had the same target audience it would be a zero-sum game. The other networks like NBC/MSNBC haven’t caught on to this yet.

Please give an example of conservative reporting. FNC does have opinion panels that feature both sides of the aisle. Opinion journalism is different than hard news. I wager that those offering opinions do believe them.

I have no examples as I do not get the Fox News channel and have never watched it myself (except for in the occassional waiting room). I am only going off of hearsay and conjecture (the bedrock of any opinion). :wink:

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