Confused about Judgement Day


I’m really confused about Judgement Day. When we read about it in Scripture, it seems that we will be judged by our works - which makes sense cause we don’t believe in salvation by faith alone anyway… but what happens if we did a lot of sin in our life, but repented and went to Confession? will that sin not be counted? I feel like no matter how much I try, my sins would always be greater than any good works :frowning: I know we need God’s mercy… but I’ve read that Jesus is merciful now, and will come as the Just Judge on the last day, - so what will happen to the sins we’ve confessed? if we’ve repented and try to live a good life, but still fail a lot, despite our good intentions, - will God send us to hell?

I’m SO confused about this and I don’t know what to think… what is the Church teaching?


Peace be with you! Lucky for us, God created Purgatory. While our sins are forgiven, God’s justice demands reparation. We can make reparation in this life through prayer and pennence or in the next, in Purgatory. Hell is reserved for those who reject God; we send ourselves there.

Go back and read John Chapter 20. 19-23

Do not rely upon your/our limited wisdom and understanding, but rest in the words of our GOD and Savior, Jesus Christ. “If” HE provided an avenue of forgiveness, which HE did in John Chapter 20, then HE intends to forgive ALL sins.

And we, upon receiving HIS forgiveness through the sacrament of confession, “intend” to go and sin no more. Do we alway make it, no, but if that is our intent, than return to confession again, and again, and again.

Scott Hahn in his CD on confession relayed the story that he told his confessor, he might as well keep the list of sins he confessed in his last confession and reread them, and he was feeling poorly for having repeated sinful behavior.
The Priest responded, what do you want “new sins”. The only original sin was the very first one. After that, they are all repetitive.

Thank you for the replies :slight_smile:

I read in Divine Mercy in My Soul,

Before the Day of Justice, I am sending the Day of Mercy. … He who refuses to pass through the door of My mercy must pass through the door of My justice.

I thought, maybe this is the reality… that Jesus wants to show us mercy, but if we don’t accept His mercy, we would be judged without it… yet then we most likely won’t be saved cause we’ll have sin to account for. However if we accept His mercy in this life, and repent, and go to Confession, and afterwards try to live for Him, - then we have the hope of salvation. The only question is, - if we reach out to God and ask for His mercy, will He definitely show us mercy?

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