Confused about my vocation


Hi. I am a fifteen year old girl. I have been praying about my vocation a lot. I feel called to both marriage and the religious life, and I am so confused. I don't know which God wants from me. I am going to a week long retreat for girls considering the religious life and I am very excited, and I hope that will shed some light, but in the mean time I am so confused and frustrated. I think God is just telling me to be patient for now, but I am having a lot trouble doing so. Any advice and prayers are more than welcome.


It's very normal to feel attracted to two vocations. I was confused for a long time before I discerned what my vocation is. Going on retreats is excellent for discernment. Cultivate a good prayer life and most importantly be open to God's will!

It is always worth investigating religious life and seeing if God then speaks to you. I don't know how much you know about religious life or if you feel called to apostolic or contemplative life but you have nothing to lose by investigating it!


So, be patient and God will show his will. I will pray for you. :)


I know what you mean. I have had the same boyfriend for four years and love him very much but the last two years I have felt God calling me to become a Nun.just keep praying and remember to let God be in controll.


Thanks everyone!


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