Confused about ObamaCare

Hey so I am writing a report for a college scholarship. The topic I need to discuss is a “national of international event which occurred in my lifetime and how that event challenged my world view.”

I would like to write about an event that concerns abortion, as I feel that would be the easiest. I know I little bit about how ObamaCare was going to make Catholic hospitals provide abortion, but I need to know more. When was it passed? What happened with it? I’m kind of confused on all this politics stuff, and I don’t need to read an entire Wikipedia article on it (I can’t even find it on Wikipedia).

So could someone please give me the whole rundown on this issue. Please do it in an unbiased way if possible. Just give me the facts, no hate language or anything like that.

If you have any other suggestions for topics, feel free to tell me! But I would rather stick with this one as my paper is due within the next few days!

It does not seem that the issue of Obamacare had much of an effect on you since you onow so little about it!

When my children were applying for colleges, it seemed that the colleges were wanting to know more about them as people. It was not an academic exercise.

There may be a better topic for you to write about, or at least trim your topic to the HHS mandate! Ask your guidance counselor, but what my children did was to write very briefly about the topic, then go into more detail about the effects on them.

You probably do not need to use something enormous like the ACA, but it does have to be big enough to be national or international. It could be something along these lines…

The Terry Schaivo case
The new pope or death of Pope John Paul 2
The closing down of NASA
The (alleged) use of chemical weapons by Assad in Syria
The death of any famous person
The election of anyone known nationally

Remember that the event is generally secondary to what the college wants to know–they want to know more about the effect on you than on the event.

Pick something that actually had an effect on you :wink: That will help a lot!

Honestly – most Everyone is confused about ObamaCare. :wink:

When writing a serious scholarly paper you may not want to call it “Obamacare”.

It’s the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act…a name coined by those who have been vaccinated against irony as it is none of those things…the vaccine which of course was not covered by the PPACA.


For a complete run-down why not start with the bills used to craft the monstrosity and go from there?

What do we do if we are not comfortable with signing up for this thing? As a Catholic I can’t bring myself to go to the website and sign up.:confused: I cannot afford to pay the fine either.:shrug:

Don’t worry, the website doesn’t work anyway.

I could sign up on a spam website! I understand they work just fine!:smiley:

I am not sure, but I think ObamaCare will mean that Catholic hospitals cannot refuse to provide an abortion to someone requesting them, as they usually could do. I would suggest you do some internet searches that explain the funding of Catholic Hospitals. I have just assumed that the reason this might happen is the following: If there is any State or Federal money coming to the Hospital then there is the expectation that the State or Federal government can have more say in what the Hospital does.

You have inspired me to look into this a little more. But I can only think that funding issues are the primary leverage behind this.

Perhaps call an agent. The company I worked for had applications (term life insurance) online but had to hire 100 or so agents so they could complete the applications. There were very few who could complete the applications all by themselves. And life insurance is supposed to be simpler than health insurance as far as claims and such go.

That said, Illinois was given a year’s extension so not to panic.

The reason I don’t feel comfortable signing up is I don’t agree with the law and want nothing to do with it. Don’t want my money going to help finance somebody’s abortion, or buy their contraceptive pills, etc.

When I was in high school, I was in honors social studies, and we had an entire semester to write a term paper summarizing the history of the world since the day of our birth (most of us were born in 1957 or 1958).

Would you believe that I waited until the very last night before the term paper was due to write it?

I was in despair! I thought that I would be able to go through yearbooks (these are probably obsolete now that the internet is available), but at 1:00 a.m., I was only in 1958!

So finally, I tossed all the yearbooks off my desk and just started writing.

I pretended to be a mother writing to her dear son, Percy, who was returning from years of being a POW in Viet Nam (the first advisors to Viet Nam went over in 1957).

I wrote in the style of a doting, loving older lady, and discussed general history rather than listing all the major events. I made lots of jokes, all pretty lame, since I was supposed to be an older lady, not a comedienne.

And more than anything, I discussed the effects that these events had on society and culture. E.g., when the Beatles came along, all the young people seemed to go crazy, with their long hair and their “Yeah yeah yeah” and wanting to hold everyone’s hands!

I finished the report in time to catch the bus in the morning, and prayed that I wouldn’t get a failing grade.

A few days later, the teacher called me up to the front of his class and congratulated me upon writing the best term paper he had ever read. He actually made me read it to the class.

I entered it in several essay contests and won.

My point is this–you don’t have time to write a well-researched paper analyzing the pros and cons of the Affordable Health Care Act on the Church. You don’t understand it, and as others on this thread have pointed out, neither do most other people.

I actually read an article today about a Congresswoman in Michigan who insisted that young women need to sign up for ObamaCare because the insurance provides mammograms and young 26-year old women need to have mammograms!

Do you understand how wrong that sentence is? (Routine mams are not recommended for most women until they turn 40 years old.)

So if our lawmakers don’t understand this legislation after months of study and debate, you probably won’t be able to grasp it all in a few days.

Here’s my suggestion: write about something you know, and make it real and funny and personal.

How about writing about the show American Idol? This show started when you were still a child, and it has produced several stars and a few disappointments. It has made a huge impact on American music.

Or how about writing about the invention of the iPod? Young people like my daughter have thousands of hours of music at her fingertips. No more commercials. No more local radio personalities. Just music.

I would stay away from writing about Facebook if I were you. I’m guessing a lot of other students will write about Facebook.

I would stick with something simple and familiar to you. How about Lady Gaga? This star has changed everything about music and entertainment.

Or how about a local event in your own city or town? This would be impressive to the college committee because it would demonstrate that you are involved with your community and aware of what’s happening in your neck of the woods. Was there a terrible murder in your town that united everyone? Or was there an incident of racism that caused a lot of divisions and violence? Or perhaps did the entire community experience a tornado or other natural disaster? Or maybe your city received an “award” such as “3rd Most Miserable City in the U.S.” (Our city received that award, BTW.)

If you choose to use a local event, it would be best if the local event was featured on the National news, since that is the assignment.

Write about what you know and what means something to you. You are an expert at something–write about it.

If this were my daughters, I’m guessing that one of them would have written about the end of the 6.0 judging system and the establishing of the IJS after the ice dancing scandals at the Salt Lake City Olympics! Yes, I know, it sounds small and unimportant compared to ObamaCare, but it’s something they know well, and in the figure skating world, this was and still is huge. It has changed everything, and not necessarily for the good.

Obviously, if you know nothing about figure skating, this would be a terrible topic for you. But surely there is SOMETHING that you know lots about. Write about it.

Whatever you write about, keep it familiar, and after you have demonstrated how it impacted the world, bring it back home and show how it changed your outlook forever. College professors have read thousands of scholarly papers. They’re not looking for a paper for their scholarship. They’re looking for a PERSON! I hope that person is YOU!

I hope this advice is helpful. Have fun!



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