Confused about preternatural occurrences

One example of a preternatural occurrence that confuses me is the story in the OT of the magicians turning staffs into snakes.

Since the magicians didn’t defy the laws of nature (since only God can), that means what they did was a natural occurrence.

So does this mean that turning inanimate objects like sticks into living creatures is a natural occurrence?

I’m assuming you’re speaking about the magicians of pharaoh? I think it could be any number of reasons but the two most logical are:

  1. it could have been sinple conjurer tricks, basically the magicians caused the illusion of the staff turning into a snake because if you remember the magicians were able to copy a couple of other miracles as well. So they could’ve use snaje charming or some other method to deceive the onlookers into thinking they had turn the staff into a snake.

  2. never forget that satan has the power some semblance of power in this world (2 Corinthians 4:4) he could’ve helped the magicians emulate some of the miracles.

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