Confused about tithing

Both dh and I are confused. We have always heard at church that we are to tithe 5% to the parish, 1% to the diocese and 4% to other charities. It suddenly changed this past weekend to 8% to the parish, 1% to the diocese and 1% to other charities.

Our children go to a local catholic school and we used the 4% towards that. They made it sound like Catholic schooling can not be considered part of your tithe all together. Dh and i are not sure what to do. :shrug:

I’ve never heard of those rules in my part of the world.As my husband is not Catholic, we take our combined salaries, including any medical and pension benefits we receive and work out 10% of that.We then divide that amount in half, and half goes to his church and half to mine. Any bonuses, income from share portfolios etc, we treat the same way. I do know that our parish as a whole pays a certain percentage of the income received to the diocese as a tax.

The church does not have any tithing “rules” like this.

These rules are not church law, and you are not obligated to follow them. You are obligated to support your church and give to the poor, but the church does not obligate any specific percentage.

The word “tithe” means one tenth, it refers to the Jewish Law (Malachi is one of the key verses on the law of tithing and it is mentioned in CCC 2449).

If you give 10% to the Parish, then you give the tithe to Parish. Another dollar amount/percentage of earnings is an offering or a donation. The word “tithe” is not a generic word for giving.

We Catholics are not bound to the Jewish law of tithing. We are to support our Parishes, our Diocese and other charitable works with our time, talent and treasure to the best of our ability. God is not outdone in generosity, however, there is not set $ or % required by the Church.

Technically, if you recieve a benefit from the monies (the education recieved for the tuition), it is not an “offering”. You pay tuition. Giving for the support of the Church would be a completely different thing.

those are guidelines, there is no universal Church law about it. certainly all Catholics should support Catholic schools with their tithe, and part of your tuition is included in that, so is your tithe of time and talent (which is a great contribution of most Catholic school parents).

The suggestion I’ve always heard is 5% to the parish and 5% to other. —KCT

**Your two statements above confuse me. WHO said?

Like others have stated, there are no official rules regarding your tithing/giving/sharing of wealth…

God wants us to share what we have. That can be money, talent, time, experience, skill etc. Do what pleases Him…


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