Confused about whether i should go to confession

Hey everyone,

I went to confession 3 days ago and before that it had only been 2 days, i normally go once a week. I think i need to go again today, but i feel like it might be imprudent. I’m totally confused about what to do. I am scrupulous, but i’m pretty sure that i’m in mortal sin, I do have some doubts but i don’t know if they’re legitimate. any advice on what i should do?

Why don’t you ask the priest in the confessional? He would be the one to give you advice on this. :confused:

Be sure to have a regular confessor - such is key to working against scrupulosity.

He can give you various principles for you to folllow as well.

I would suggest the same: go to confessional and ask

Yeah I think you should go and tell the priest your situation, and ask what you should do in the future when the situation arises again. Then, when you do have those same feelings in the future, you will know what to do.

Thanks for the replies. I actually did ask the priest at my last confession, and he said once a week should be sufficient. but at that confession i was more sure that i was being scrupulous, this time i’m not so sure. it seems that i can’t go even a couple of days after confession without feeling like i need to go again. this pretty much happens every week, except i usually just go ahead and receive communion because of doubt.

Do not just “ask” a “priest” - seek out and decide on a single *regular confessor *who can know you and your difficulties and can direct you. To whom you normally go to confession to and who can give you particular direction in light of any scruples --and even general principles for you to follow. Who can in a way take responsibility for you.

Such is the age old approach.

I think that if there is doubt and since you already know that you are scrupulous then you should just kind of default towards it not being mortal.

I’m sure that you know the three requirements for mortal sin:

  1. Full knowledge
  2. Full Consent
  3. Grave matter

If your not sure then it is likely that you did not have full knowledge. Additionally, there are various factors that can reduce one’s consent. There can be psychological factors, acquired habits, immaturity, anxiety, and possibly other things.

A perfect reply.:thumbsup:

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