Confused in Novena

Hi all.
Our new priest asked us all to pray a rosary novena
For much needed rain. I rushed home to do so. Five
minutes into it it occurred to me that if anyone
knows we need rain it is God. So I went from there
to considering why I was telling God to send us something
He already knows we need, was this insulting? Then
I thought maybe there is a reason for no rain- a good
old OT chastisement but then I thought that was
probably unlikely since we don’t exactly blame God
for droughts plagues and locusts anymore. Which
brought me back to the beginning. So then I decided
after making it all so complicated that the best thing
was to just pray it cause the priest asked for it.
That works for me.
But can someone remind me WHY we pray for
something from God that He already knows we need?
I’ve gone all OCD over this LMAO!

One of the purposes of prayer is to align ourselves to the will of God. Yes, God knows the need for rain — but do YOU know how dependent we are on God for his gifts in our daily lives?. How much do we need to be reminded of that? Prayer can help with that. And also, when the rains don’t come as quickly we would like, prayer can help us understand why that is, although we can and will never fully understand the mind of God.

Also, as caretakers of the land God has given us we often do a lousy job. Sometimes our weather catastrophes can be preventable and/or diminshed if we took our role as caretakwers much more freely.

Remember God gave us free will … and that means the free will to muck everything up and we have to live with the consequences.

I hope this helps

I think prayers keep us humble.
We mostly turn to God when we are in need. Of course God knows our EVERY need. We not only need rain, but shelter, and water and cures from Cancer… Now if he gave us everything we would be happy by ourselves and see no need for HIM. Being down on our knees keeps us humble. We come to realize what he has blessed us with. When we see what others don’t have, we have compassion & that can lead to acts of love when we share, help, or lend. This fosters love, sacrifice, generosity, kindness. Sometimes, by not giving into, our every plea for needs, he teaches us the value of something. When we plead & cry for something, then when we get that, it makes us value it more. If God gave us everything we needed, soon our needs would turn to wants, like a spoilt child !

its part of our relationship with God and it encourages our us to pray to him and to pray for our needs as well as the needs of others. perhaps God wishes the community to come together in prayer for the need of the whole.

Ok good ideas and a direction to go. Thank you all.

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